Till Then (Summer Rain, still)

There isn’t time ‘Tis moment, you’re gone Parting is such a sweet sorrow It seems eternity To savor the warmth of your hold But time fleets, I realized And here I am Longing… Grieving the thought I’ll be losing you in time I feared there aren’t long rides to come I dreaded there aren’t storiesContinue reading “Till Then (Summer Rain, still)”

Summer Rain

You held my hand tight As you bid goodbye It was hard It was insane… You kissed me softly with a whimpering cry It froze my mind It broke my heart… You strained me in your embrace clasped me in your arms It pricked me It stung me… Then it rained on a summer afternoon.Continue reading “Summer Rain”

The Versatile Blogger Award

 The Versatile Blogger Award I’d like to thank Jade for this award..”thanks Jade” You guys know the rules by now, I’m sure—this award asks for seven facts about yourself…let’s get started. I, Mich.. 1. Am a super coffee fan…need i say more? It perks up my day.. 2. Sleeps without a pillow. I dooze offContinue reading “The Versatile Blogger Award”

The Rule of Eleven (aka The Blue Sky Tag)

I first read about this from Jade of Jade M. Wong then her site brought me to Rose’s blog, and Rose made it as an “open tag”. As I was about to answer it myself I saw Nj tagging me. So I am taking on both. Rose’s questions:- Describe yourself in ONE word. Romantic WhenContinue reading “The Rule of Eleven (aka The Blue Sky Tag)”

The Moon

I wondered many times About the moon and the stars And how they all shine so bright I flustered at the sight Of how stars filled up the sky Over the moon oh so high. Why can’t there be more moons Than stars? Maybe the sky would be brighter; Would be lovelier And I willContinue reading “The Moon”


You You were everything i wanted to be You were all that i ever had to be I would give you the world if i could I would stay with you if i should Baby, i know i love you, i must say And i love you more everyday I wish you all the luckContinue reading “You”

Run Away

Run Away I. I hold on really for so long But that damn feeling, so strong I don’t know why but i tried To run away and hide II. I run my thoughts on you Wishing i’ll get over through But its so hard, really tough You have tied my heart real tight Chorus IContinue reading “Run Away”