You were everything i wanted to be
You were all that i ever had to be
I would give you the world if i could
I would stay with you if i should

Baby, i know i love you, i must say
And i love you more everyday
I wish you all the luck in the world
And i will send you all the love to hold

But baby, you’re not mine
So i keep these and many others in time
Till then my love i will love you still
In the other life maybe, you will.

I love you, it hurts, i know


Another random thoughts in a coffee shop as i listened to the story told by a girl next to my table.



50 Replies to “You”

  1. Why do I have this wild feeling that I was that girl sitting next to you? Awwee.. I love ever lines- it’s not just because of the words but the emotion that goes with it. My hopeless romantic heart melts… ❀

    1. Actually Maria my heart was crushed when i heard her story… and i wanted to do something to make her feel better but you i just can’t do that…so while listening to her venting out her emotions in between sobbing i wrote this poem..

      1. Aww.. she must have been through a lot. Did she knew you wrote this? I hope she reads this and know she’s not alone. πŸ™‚ You have a kind, warm heart Mich. ❀

  2. You are the You that I cannot be You as I love You to the core
    My wait for You shall be there till You come with open arms and I shall be You in You ultimately it is You and You that matters, You!
    Mich! This is something which relates to all who loves and You have extracted the You in all You See!πŸ˜€πŸŽΆ

      1. Why not Mich I shall be delighted, may be I also shall refer it some time when time permits, as I have an idea of which you shall come to know in the mean time. Hahaha
        Go ahead I am eager to know. Please let me know about it.

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