The Moon

I wondered many times
About the moon and the stars
And how they all shine so bright
I flustered at the sight
Of how stars filled up the sky
Over the moon oh so high.

Why can’t there be more moons
Than stars?
Maybe the sky would be brighter;
Would be lovelier
And i will be alright
I will sleep tight.

I wondered many times
At how you’ve counted the stars
Over the moon so big and wide
Glowing up side by side
The moon with its light beaming
Covering the sky and glowing.

Am i a moon or just one of the stars;
You keep on counting on the skies?



27 Replies to “The Moon”

  1. A sky full of Moons would be breathtaking — like your romantic words! Many of your brilliant poems have a tinge of sadness. As poets, I believe, we strum those sad notes in our hearts and relate to those aches. xo

    1. I must with the moons…and the sadnesa as well…i guess it is when we are hurt the most that we bring out the best words and thoughts in us…that’s what poets are..
      Whenever there’s sadness; there’s beautiful poetry..

  2. Lovely but any more moons would be a disaster … it affects our tides and many peoples moods. Better to enjoy the stars and keep the moon for that special treat!

  3. Mich, this! โค Aside from the fact that I love everything about the moon… your words give this peice more depth. And those last lines throw a punch!!

  4. She wants to be the big thing, the one who matters to him inhis lufe, but he keeps counting stars. That would be disconcerting, your imagery has me picturing the moon saying that his and the moon is so big and round she’s like, “How can you Miss me?” Having several moons in the sky would be interesting in reality I mean, wouldn’t it?

    1. Thanks mandy…yes you are right with your thoughts about the speaker in the poem…and yes it would really be interesting to have several moons in the sky..

  5. O Mich! There are so many poets like You for the one Moon we have if there were many moons there would be still more poets around. Hahaha.
    It seems some planets have more than one Moon how nice it would be to see them like how you see in your lines of the post,๐Ÿ˜ƒ
    Wonderful! You!!
    Wonderful Moon!!

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