Happy Anniversary



46 Replies to “Happy Anniversary”

    1. and oh by the way…I seemed to have problem loading your site…but I have been reading it..but the videos and other stuff dont appear. .I would love to see the video of the amazing grace on your easter show but I can’t. ..anyhow I still would keep on trying. .

      1. uh ohhh… So sorry to hear your blogful viewing pleasure is (still) being interrupted by technical difficulties, Mich :-/ …hmmm… Have you noticed whether this happens when viewing my homepage (which lists 3 posts at a time and might therefore be causing photo-overload), or individual posts? I’ve noticed that the embedded fb posts sometimes need a refreshed screen to show up, but figured that was just my iPad… Also, starting with my last couple of posts, I’ve been adding YouTube-linked screen shots to accompany each video…

        Thanks for not giving up on visiting my blog, Mich ❀ And thanks for this feedback! Hopefully things will improve, now/somehow!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ’œ Jackie@KWH

      2. Thanks Mich ❀ I appreciate your loyalty and have hopefully remedied blogful viewing difficulties by changing my homepage settings to show a single post instead of the 3 most recent posts. Really appreciate your feedback and hope this helps! πŸ™‚ πŸ’œ Jackie@KWH

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