When Summer Rain Ends

Sing no sad song, not yet
Or i’ll behold in your lids,
Hang the sweet tears of agony
Rather paint me visions
Of thousand smiles in your lips..
And upon your lips…your lips…
Vision of night will fade away…

Kiss me not, not yet…
Least you’ll awaken a silent sea!
And its faint murmuring
Turn to turbulent despair!
But surely when you pass away
I’ll grasp the air
And kissed the same
That kissed you.

Dry your tears,
let not your tears
Warm my icy tomb
And when light fade
Softly from my eyes
Take my hands once more
And into the clouds i’ll fly…

When summer rain ends.

28 Replies to “When Summer Rain Ends”

  1. This is achingly beautiful. If I were to compare I would say Yeats and Neruda are in my mind just now. I have no higher praise. Except that you alone have your voice and it is a deeply moving voice

    1. Thank you..and yes i think it is that inner voice in me that brings out beautiful poetry…
      And mostly by now..its been raining fron.where i am, which should not be because its summer…so i call it summer rain …it gave birth to my series of summer rain poems…

  2. Aw, i felt like singing to this piece. So dreamy! ❀ And I think the rain just read your poem, Mich. It’s not raining here, but cloudy still.

  3. I read this Mich and Wordsworth sprang to mind. It brought to mind watching clouds floating over a Lake on a summer’s day. Wonderful.

  4. This Mich is Angelic.
    The love of an Angel who shall come and disappear into the clouds.
    I beg to see the πŸ‘Ό Angel.
    I just now saw the Angel here in your πŸ“ͺ Post.
    Oh when shall it rain again.

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