Hear Me

Hear Me





Hear me as I cry

For your sweet agonizing ray

Though I beg the sun to shine

As you stay by in

Oh, the rain came sweeping down

As blood oozes

Thru my vein, yearning for


Sweet embrace.

No, not this time

Never my love,

For no one is bound to know

How prepared I can be

When you will go

And forever I am doomed.

Please, don’t.

Never go.


Just for a moment.

I know I promised

I’ll let you go,

When summer rain ends.




I thought my summer rain poetry obsessionΒ  (sort of) will end as soon as the first ray of sun comes out; I was wrong because, like the rain that floods the streets, my mind is flooding too with heart -wrenching ideas…..ahhhh summer rain I just can’t let you go


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