Summer Rain Ends

O, shocked were my senses
Upon hearing the truth
Its breaking my heart
Though i did not want to believe
From the start

Why have you kept me hoping so long?
Why have you treated me so kind;
And beaten me so hard?

Is that how to accept threats?
Is that how to understand punishments?
Is that how trust fails?
Is that how love hurts?

Is that how summer rain ends?



This is hopefully the end of my summer rain theme..


22 Replies to “Summer Rain Ends”

  1. Aww, I hope the summer rain gives way to cheerful summer rays. But I also hope your lovely poems about the summer rain continues. They are like soft, melodious tunes one hears while it’s raining 😊❀️

  2. Oh Mich, your summer rain poems are beautiful. It started with sadness when it rains with sadness, then longing as the summer rain continues, then a calling for the summer rain not to stop, and finally this. A sense of realization and waking up to the truth. Hmm… i have a feeling a rainbow is soon to come as a conclusion. ❀️

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