Mysterious Rain

You are a picture of quiet serenity
Plunge into darkness
Out of the blue
And…on a hot
weary afternoon
Amidst silence
And shimmering heat
You become hot as a horse radish
Steamy as a terrarium
Then you gently thickened
You poured..

That mysterious rain
On a scorching summer afternoon



the heat is on…its officially summer…but a little rain could be mysteriously stunning. .

There you go..another “Summer Rain”..


…a steamy, hot summer late afternoon in Singapore. ..

59 Replies to “Mysterious Rain”

  1. Rain is one of the most wonderful phenomenons out there, but it’s so difficult to put into words, to describe. You did it so well in this poem. Lovely. And the photo is great. I’ve been staring at all morning! Thanks!

  2. After reading your words, I could actually (finally!) feel that mysterious, refreshing rain – thank you for continuing to write your “Rain” series and I love the picture of Singapore as well!

    1. Thanks so much…its officially summer here but at the same time we have some rain usually towards the end of the day…and its just enough to put off the heat of the day..

      1. Snow’s gone (again, after melting/returning 3 times… LoL) and May’s forecast is looking warmer… ‘guess we’ll soon get to let our car wear its summer tires! 🙂 💜 Jackie@KWH

  3. Hi Mich … have you found my new blog “Meet the Bloggers”, there is a link in my ‘about’. Would like to do an interview with you … just follow the first post called ‘format’?

    1. Thanks Lai..I guess we all have that “Shakespeare” in just ginnat give it a try …hope to read more of your travelogues with maybe a touch of poetry sometimes.

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