Love (an etheree)





Dear hear,

Me, I cry.

Of pain, of hurt.

Of sorrow in tight

Look around you and see

Our world in chaos and fear

Oblivion dawned unto me then

I beg; love unconditionally

Peace begins where selfless love is planted.



If we can only love unconditionally….then maybe…just maybe…things would be different…

Our world would be better.

We continue to pray for all those who were killed and injured during the Manchester bombing, the Marawi attack, and to all those who have been victims of violent acts recently.

Five haiku poems:Bruised, yet hopeful

This is my first collaboration with the brilliant Rose of Poet Rummager…

Within this brick wall, lies my heart where no light shines. Rejected, it sleeps. Hidden in the dark – dreaming so damn hard and tight. You’re not mine, it weeps. In this tiny room, my heart beats against the stone – bruised yet still hopeful. Bleeding and in pain, it yearns to be free again. […]

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