Love (an etheree)



Dear hear,

Me, i cry.

Of pain, of hurt.

Of sorrow in tight

Look around you and see

Our world in chaos and fear

Oblivion dawned unto me then

I beg; love unconditionally

Peace begins where  selfless love is planted.



If we can only love unconditionally….then maybe…just maybe…things would be different..

Our world would be better.

We continue to pray for all those who were killed and injured during the Manchester bombing, the Marawi attack and to all those who have been victims of violent acts recently.


56 Replies to “Love (an etheree)”

    1. We are at war…war not because of anything else..but i believe because we are waging a war inside us..
      And i hope we fight a good war and win it…thanks Sue..

      1. Yes.. altering our mind set is the key to Winning.. Through Peace, Love and Tolerance, bringing Unity and friendship through Kindness and Care. ❤ of each other..

  1. “Peace begins where selfless love is planted.” Sigh. Such a heartfelt comeback piece. And I echo your thoughts. and the world today is in chaos. If only.. PH

  2. this was really heartfelt, yes we continue to pray for those who lost and also tat no such tragedy touches lives again. “Peace begins where selfless love is planted.” – a precious quote by itself my friend, this is a beautiful prayer.

    1. Thank you Gina…i can’t think if any other way than love…there’s just so much goin on around…life is of no value for some…and everyday is a struggle to survive and live…

      1. hugs and more hugs to you my friend! i live with love and hope too even when there’s no one to love me back, it always starts with me! you are a special person indeed!!

  3. It’s a wonderful thought Michnavs. I hate that despite that some of us are determined to love and fight for the good, there are always those who are evil and fight for their terrible causes. Sometimes there are those whose hearts of turned cold, to stone and those are the bad guys that prevent such enlightening thought.
    Beautiful poem 🙂

  4. I can feel your desire to help, to heal, and to counter the chaos in the world that you write about in this poem Michnavs…even a little step forward towards love is progress, my friend.

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  6. Hello michnavs,
    I love your heartfelt sentiment.
    I agree. Let’s just embrace each other and just love…
    A beautiful post thank you 💐🦋🦋

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