The End (part 11)


And when I thought
I knew you…

And when your words
used to heal;
all wounds

And when you
listens to my

Then you said
“shut up”

I froze.

The end of my storytelling.


Remember Rain (A Poem for Mich)

Rosie of A reading writer wrote a beautiful poem for me on my birthday…so thoughful of her to do this..

A Reading Writer

i remember you
when the rooftop laughs
once the raindrops
start their tickling

i remember how
you write about
the monsoon’s
crystal kids.
how they made
your lines dance,
in love,
in grief,
in hope,
in faith.

i remember you
in drizzles of surprising
summer rains,
when the supposed
parched earth
was kissed by the
mysterious, impromptu
when you write about
your endless love
for your father.

i remember you,
when the heavy clouds
let go and cry,
i remember you,
a friend from afar,
i haven’t seen
through the eye,
but has touched
my heart,
my soul,
in ways no hands
can ever did.

i remember you,
and pray for you,
when it rains.
i hope this friendship
we have,
forever remains.

Happy happy happy happy birthday to my dear Mich of Poetry in Motion. May ou good good God continue to bless you and…

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The End


And just when all the
has to end
even the best ones.

And how one faces
it with a smile,
when all you’ve ever
wanted is forever?

And there you start
anew, despite
of not wanting
to let go.

And then oblivion
comes; forever
is again, yet
another word…

Between here and there



Michnavs by Mich

Hi guys, please check Meet the Bloggers by the brilliant kate..

Meet the Bloggers

Met Mich sometime ago as she writes lovely poetry, travels and has an enquiring mind … all attributes that I greatly admire. She is sharing a photo of her four beautiful daughters for the first time to prove that you can raisemodest, honest and grounded kids in today’s world. A real tribute to her mothering skills, effort and values; so they are all blessed to have each other in this loving family unit.
Read on to learn more about this fascinating lady …


Please share some details about your life – where you were raised, family, education and travel?
I was born and raised in the Philippines. I graduated with a degree in Mass Communication Major in Journalism. When I got married a career in media didn’t seem possible anymore so I took up teaching. I did some units in Education and at the same time took the local…

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Silenced (Triple Haiku)


Adored you I wept
In the silence of my heart
I whispered and sighed

I sat beside you
Not a word even to say
Let me walk away

I will trudge through there
That long narrow road, I’ll be
Walk with me my love



Goodbye Zoe (Poem for Zoe )

I am reblogging this post. Zoe just passed away today after 8 months of fighting for her life she is finally now in heaven.
My daughter and the rest of her friends are saddened by this.

May you watch over us, Zoe…


I have a very heartbreaking story to tell. My youngest daughter who is 12 years old has a bestfriend of 6 years. Her name is Zoe.

Zoe has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer (yes a 12 year old girl with an ovarian cancer).. she underwent surgery last February 2016. Unfortunately, her situation worsened since then. After several chemotherapy sessions, blood transfusions and other medical procedures; the doctors decided not to go through another surgery anymore.

Currently, Zoe has gone bald. There has been water retention in her body making her look like a pregnant young woman.

I cannot imagine how her family is coping.

As a mom myself i am deeply saddened by this. My daughter and Zoe literally grew up together.

This afternoon my daughter ask me to critic a poem she wrote for Zoe.


No matter what happens
No one will forget you

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