Don’t bullshit me with your
“I love you’s”
None of them bears witness
To how i grieve
Of witnessing you walk away

Don’t fool me with your
“I miss you”
Nothing compares to the pain
You inflicted on me
For being near yet so far away.

Don’t lull me with your
“I wanna be with you”
Nonsense, though
For up and till now you
Remain a fragment in my dreams.

Don’t say you love me…



An irrational (maybe for some) poetic rant of a woman in a coffee shop.


56 Replies to “Don’t”

      1. I’m posting an old poem of mine later, “Missing You”, but not anger of a broken heart, more about the love we once knew.

  1. When someone we love breaks our heart, the anger and vulnerability both surface. Emotions can really rip our innards apart. It’s a pain like no other. Such passion, Mich. I don’t think I’ve ever heard you swear before. Lol. You should eavesdrop more often!! 😀

    1. Oohh …it rained so hard last week here ..and there was a flash flood in our area …good thing though our house is kind elevated …but the streets are flooded..

  2. Hello Michnavs,
    I had trouble with WordPress last night and my comments are not displaying here. They have been going to Spam apparently.
    I do hope this one makes its way to you…

      1. I used to regularly read and soak up the atmosphere in coffee bars/shops, I must start the practice again, it’s like creating time to meditate! Hope your week is going well!!

  3. Understandable rant actually. We all want the truth, we’d rather someone be straight forward. It hurts at first but in the end it leaves us with a much better taste than a former loved one who always lies instead of being truthful.

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