We started over coffee, sabi ng kanta.

At doon tayo nagsimula …sa kape.

Over americano and cappucino; nagkwentuhan tayo

kung ano ano lang.



may kwenta, o wala.

Nasundan pa ng maraming beses ang pagkakape natin.

Hindi ko na mabilang sa dami.

Madalas, kahit nakapagkape na ako,

kapag nag aya ka, oo agad ako.

kaya nga may mga araw na napaparami ako ng kape.

May mga araw na hyper ako.

May mga araw na di ako pwedeng gulatin,

baka atake sa puso ang abot ko.

May mga gabing di ako makatulog; nasobrahan ng kape,

Ngunit madalas nasobrahan sa kakaisip sayo.

Fast forward.

Kape tayo.

namimis na kita.

Nang iwan ka kasi.




(here is the English translation for the benefit of my non – Filipino readers)


We started over coffee, as the song goes.

That’s how it all begun.

Over americano and cappuccino.

we talked a lot; nonsense and folly

trivial things, mostly nothing really in particular.

We had coffee.

I can’t even figure out how many times

we’d have coffee a day.

Funny though, ‘cos sometimes 

you’d call me; i’d say yes.

Truth is, i just had one. 

There are days when i’d have too much caffeine;

scaring me off will trigger a heart attack.

There are nights when i’d have insomnia;

caffeine overload, i say

or maybe i kept thinking of you.

Fast forward.

i’m having coffee.


you left me, just like that.



From today onwards I will be posting poems in Filipino (my national language) to commemorate and celebrate August as our National Language month.



58 Replies to “Kape”

  1. Celebrating your mother tongue can only be a good thing … I am passionate about preserving language. I look forward to learning something entirely new. Loved this by the way 😊

    1. Thanks Osyth ….writing a piece in our native language can be veru challenging actually but i am personally trying my best while at the same time hoping that this will encourage the young Filipino writers to write more beautiful pieces in Filipino

      1. I hope it does …. none of us should let our native tongue be swamped by other languages…. even I, as an English woman, feel the sadness of my English becoming victim to other more recent adaptors of my language and the changes they bring 🙁

  2. Loved this poem and was fascinated by your language and its wonderful that you are posting in your native language Mich.. Now I am not a coffee drinker.. But if you were to join me over a cup a tea.. lol… 🙂
    Sending LOVE and warm hugs dear Mich.. Hope you and yours are well my friend 💖😘

  3. Food is love with Filipinos. It’s a time to sit down, laugh, cry, and wax nostalgia. What a lovely idea to share food and poetry with us! I wish I could hear you reciting in Tagalog.

      1. Oh yes. I saw that 😀 Sorry, I didn’t realize that’s what you meant. It’s the old brain. I didn’t realize you were going to provide both going forward. I’ll stop pestering you now. 😀

  4. Thank you for the translation, Mich! As I read the original there was a definite rhythm coming through as I tried to sound out the words in my mind, even though I don’t drink coffee, I find myself thirsty for one after reading your words!

  5. Coffee and love! ❤ This scene has always been one of my favorite daydreams (though it still did not happen to me– yet). Such a such romance, I can feel the nostalgia from here.

    And yay! Buwan ng wika! I was thinking of doing the same thing, too. Hopefully I can squeeze some tagalog (if not bisaya) out of me this month… Happy Monday, Mich~

  6. Fantastic to read your poems in your home language Mich and thank you for the translation. Looking forward to reading more.

  7. Coffee has been the cornerstone of many a conversation over time. I have laughed, cried, made business deals, made small talk and enjoyed the ambiance and the aroma.

    This poem is filled with truth and reality. Absolutely enjoyed every word!

    Side Note: You may want to add the google translate widget to your home page so that readers all over the world can read your work from your native language. You can look at my home page to see what the widget looks like. It is easy to add and makes it much more convenient for your readers.

    1. Thanks for that..but i intend to provide my own English translation of the poem..as i did with this first one…its just right after the original poem.

      Thanks for stopping by Doc J..

  8. Such a lovely thing to do, Mich. I’m very glad I kept scrolling down to find the English version. Now I know…
    Here’s to coffee, as you have celebrated it with your lovely words here 🙋🏻💐

    1. Thanks Di..i wanted to pay tribute to our language so i will be posting Filipino pieces for the whole month of August along with its English translation so that others may also enjoy it .

  9. Oh, it was so much fun reading it! Of course, I did not understand a word with the first part but thank you for the translation 🙂 Loved reading both versions 🙂

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