Seven Years of Grit

Nagmahal, nag antay
Nang walang kapantay
Mahal kita walang iba
Ipagsisigawan ko, ok ba?

Bundok man ay akyatin
Aking tatahakin
Puso’y tumitibok
Pilit kumakabog…

Nais kang maging akin
Sana ikayΒ  matagpuan
Taos-pusong nag antay
Masintahing tunay…

Naghihingtay magtapos
Pitong taong magngalit.

As i loved patiently
Wondered how so suddenly
Did i ever love thee?
I scream in glee…

And as i moved mountains
So high, i felt pains

Still hoping, be mine
Will find you in time
Deeply …

Waiting to end
Seven years of grit.



76 Replies to “Seven Years of Grit”

      1. then you need to keep going as I believe our poetry, published or not, is a truer reflection of our society … the language, topics and changing styles mirror the societies we live in πŸ™‚

      2. Exactly kate…history tells of the facts..while literature (in which poetry belongs) tells of the history of the evolution of human heart and soul..

      3. what a very delightful way of saying it, great words of wisdom πŸ™‚
        the history taught here is terribly distorted, more facts ignored than shared 😦

  1. Another lyrical poem to wander through, Mich – I enjoy sounding out each unfamiliar word knowing that the translation is waiting there for me! So glad to see you on my feed, I was just thinking of you!

      1. Hey, I’m still involved with caregiving (helping my Mom & Dad through a rough patch healthwise), I recently came back from a whirlwind trip to Toronto and had my poem, Maelstrom, published in our local free newspaper (unpaid but I’m so excited for the exposure), it’s all good! I hope this brand new week is a peaceful one for you…

    1. I am glad i to affect you through my poem but i believe every poetry written is not only that of a poet but at some point belongs to some unknown people out there..

  2. Loved your poem Mich, and would love to hear your language spoken out loud. Sounds rich, with lots of short sounds within it.. ❀ Hope you and your family are well my friend..
    Sorry I have not been on top of comments recently.. But as you've just seen, we have lots to keep us busy.. ❀ xxx

  3. Napakaganda! There’s always a sense of melancholy in your poetry. I hope you and your girls are well. May I ask what seven years of grit refer to — is it similar to the “seven-year itch?”

  4. This reads and sounds beautiful in both languages Mich. (I’m assuming my Northern English accent gets somewhere close to your native language). πŸ™‚

      1. I have branched into the world of recording Mich and will be posting some experimental stuff over the coming weeks with video and sound. I have been using the voice recorder on Windows 10 for the recording stuff. I would love to hear your poems in your native language.

      2. It may be the format of your recording Mich. MP4 seems to be the easiest for wordpress. I save the recording in MP4 format then upload it to media as an audio / video. You can then place it in a post like a photo from the add media section. Hope this may help?

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