Summer on a Rainy Day


Not long after you were born

summer arrives,

flowers bloom

as nature prepares itself

for a month-long of


You are dependable, friendly

and happier than others;

“the happier you are the

more joy you will share with

the world around you”

that’s what you always say.

You never wanna be famous

or filthy rich

but hey, you were born along

Mark Zuckerberg and John F. Kennedy;

unbelievably amazing

we always thought…

I loved your silly quirky smile

as you received my little

“do it myself” card

“you’re the sweetest”

you’ll say

it melts my heart always.

I never like outdoor

nor the beach but

you always wanna celebrate there

so I went with my swimsuit

and sandals every year

only because you insist…

It’s not your birthday yet dad

but I missed you.

and I remembered you.

you would have been 66 this year;

thinking of you feels like summer

on a rainy day……







      1. Mine has been gone 14 years and he still finds those ways. It is a wonderful reminder that really and truly those we love are never really gone. We just can’t see them or touch them any more

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  1. Oh what a sweet poem and tribute to your Dad, MIch! I love your last sentence “thinking of you feels like summer
    on a rainy day……” wow I totally get that! Sending virtual birthday wishes to your Dad whenever his birthday comes.

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  2. Awww what a beautiful memory of words and tribute to your Dad Mich.. Sorry I was absent for so long, but I have not been visiting as I usually do in WP, You are so very talented with your poems.. xx Love and HUGS xx

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