One December Night (etheree)

image-0-02-07-e532def67dd394e320aca2ce1ab584f1fd3fa8a0ac7cd28ba527c03b9af1b1f3-Vphoto credit: my own


One December Night (etheree)

don’t know
how deeply
I miss you ’till
one December night
when bright lights and carols
became pitch darkness and noise
December without you once more
how lonely my nights be over again.

43 Replies to “One December Night (etheree)”

    1. A poem composed of 10 lines. Begin the first line with 1 syllable word, second line with 2 syllables and so on until the last line with 10 syllables…
      You can then experiment with this form it inverted start with 10 syllables: double etheree; mirrored etheree…there’s just so much you can do…it’s fun..

  1. You have a way with the Etheree Mich. I remember the ones you wrote a while ago. This gives another side to Christmas for some but hopefully, as time goes on, the lights will start to glow again.

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