Just Another Christmas

I didn’t know
I missed you that much…

‘Till I realized…

Light’s out.

Sky’s dark.

Another Christmas without you, Dad.





61 Replies to “Just Another Christmas”

    1. Indeed Osyth….especially when there’s just so much and so many memories…ahhhh how i laugh at the fact when i discovered it was my dad who was playing santa all those years…

      1. I lost my father 14 years ago … I think of him every day, sometimes the sadness is still overwhelming and I find myself crying. Then I remind myself that is because I love him so much and because he loves me so much that the pain will never leave me. I truly feel your sadness. We can’t every touch our father’s again but it’s better you see – they are tucked snug in our hearts our whole lives through and we are who we are because they loved us and nurtured us. Go softly 🙏

      2. Very well said Osyth…i am his apple of the eye…and my other siblings are fine with that…for some reasons even when i was already an adult he’d still call me his princess…there are foods which he cooks that i never tried eating again when he died …he is just admirable…its been 7 years…

      3. It won’t be easy but I promise it will make you feel connected. How is that one can have a soul-sister so far away. I have honestly always felt that you are in some way the little sister I never had. Perhaps our fathers are together waiting some place and urging the connection.

      4. I urge you to cook those foods. With no audience. On your own with just him. He will love it. I know it. And you will feel him right there with you X

  1. Thank you for stopping by and joining my blog. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy sharing my recipes and travels with you. Welcome aboard.



  2. Mich your love for your father has made me remember mine. It is 2 years now,I had written one poem on him,I think you have read it.
    On that post so many of you all have commented so nice but I have not responded to them as I was in brief,I just couldn’t bear it.
    I know what it is to part with Dad….😅

  3. Mich, this was such a simple but heartfelt share of your feelings about your Dad! Those feelings can sneak up on you and overwhelm you, don’t they! This piece seems like it needs some companion pieces too.

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