Some things in life are worth holding on,
and some need letting go
one is faced with so many options
but there are times that not even one
is worth the choice
you simply must give it up or die holding on and lose it all…
or live hating for wanting more…


If I Will


If I change my ways,
will you appreciate me?
will I be good enough?
will you finally set me free?
from this cage so dark and muddy?
tied down by guilt, I’m trapped.

If I promise I’ll improve,
will you tell me something shrewd?
will you lie to me and say,
that one day I’ll have my way?
will you free me from this bondage?
or will you just increase the pain?

If I do my best and learn,
how the world can live alone,
will you show me the reality,
that is lived out by humanity?
will you finally agree,
that I’m capable of being me,
Without the need of your entity?



Inspired by my recent visit to a friend’s house… I witnessed the harsh realities of life: there are indeed rich and there are poor.
I saw mothers working so hard to better their quality of life. I saw fathers do the same too; but at some point, they get tired and begun questioning the essence of their lives: “when will my best be ever good enough?”…