Choices (part 2)

Life is not a game of chance,

nor a lot of great circumstances.

Life is not even a bed of roses,

nor a bag of chocolates.

Life is indeed a matter of good choices

and how to make the best ones.




My choices in life may have not been really the best ones. I must honestly say I have had my own share of bad choices. But as my life progresses I was able to turn those bad choices into the best ones thus making me the best possible person I am.

My mother taught me the basics of discernment. It was with her that I realized that things don’t just happen; but it happens because we make it happen no matter how much we intellectualized or rationalized that it is beyond our capacity as human beings. But she said….that is why we were gifted with the power to discern. The dictionary defines discernment as to the ability to reveal insights and understand.  Exactly why we need to empower ourselves with discernment. This will usher us to make the right choices.


1. I choose FAITH

I am not a very religious person. I am not even the type you see in the church all the time. I am not the one who also memorizes every single prayer there is. I also am not the typical middle-age woman in a veil going to mass. But I say, I choose to believe in GOD. I choose to believe that HE is powerful and thus HE is responsible for all that I am.

2. I choose HAPPINESS

As I have mentioned, life is not a bed of roses. It can be bad, it can be sad, it can be lonely, it can be worst……but if we choose happiness no amount of bad, lonely, sad, worst situation can make us reject the fact that life is what we make it after all…

We all surely have gone through a lot of rough, bumpy roads…who didn’t? but if we only learn to see the good in even the worst situation….LIFE would be GREAT… remember, happiness is simply a choice; loneliness is simply optional.


An ungrateful heart always leaves us feeling miserable. If we carry on with ungratefulness, no matter what we have, no matter what happens we would – it would never always be enough.


Blessed Laura Vicuna said, “smile always and suffer silently”…Her life is a wonderful example of how someone could turn a negative situation into something positive; an example of cheerfulness amidst heartaches.

We don’t have to be saints to be positive. As they say, if we only see life “as a glass full rather than half empty” then we would have the power to change our lives for the better for good.

5. I choose AWARENESS

Awareness in everything that we do, awareness in everything that we can’t do, awareness in every talent that we have, and awareness in the fact that we were all made unique.

We need to be aware of every situation we are in and what led us into it; it is by then that we see if we are leading towards sin…or towards a life anchored in God.



How about you?…


  1. Ohhh! Beautiful and inspirational indeed! Thanks for being honest! God give us the freedom to choose, but its what we choose to choose(if you comprehend what I mean by that😂) Either it results in a bad outcome or a good one according to the “choice” we make. God bless you and much love! (I hope my comment makes sense😩) ok byes! Lol

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  2. powerful and profound post Mich … I also choose all five +, maybe in a slightly different manner but faith, happiness, thankfulness, positivity, awareness and responsibility … we are each responsible for our own words plus our deeds and misdeeds 🙂

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  3. Such an amazing post, Mich! Your positivity shines through and may this post serve as a reminder to all your readers that life is what we choose to believe in. I have deep admiration for you and this post has given me light. Thank you for this, my dear friend.

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  4. I loved reading this for all the positive words and hope. Your mother is an amazing soul to teach you the fundamentals of being a good person. I so agree with all the points you highlighted. Life is about choices and the ones we chose may not define us monumentally but just the was we had to be at that given time. Your words are truth and wise Mich. i see so much balance in your emotions too and applaud the beautiful and strong person you are.

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  5. Wonderful choices dear Mich.. And in doing so you change your circumstances.. And I agree, at some level in our choices in the past, all lead us to our present.. Seeing and having Faith and Trust.. And Belief in oneself, holds us in empowerment.. All of which enables us to bring changes and balance into our lives..
    An excellent perspective… ❤ Love and Hugs xx

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  6. A nice post Mich and plenty to reflect upon. I would add choose Life to that list with everything it brings, the ups and downs, the light and dark. There are messages in all that is offered and given to us.

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  7. The beauty of your words have left me thinking…I love the lesson your dear mother taught you, to be discerning…what a powerful force to harness as we hurtle through life! Thank you, Mich, for sharing your heart…

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