Silent Scream


Silent Scream

when you’ve done everything,
and its never still enough.

when you look around,
and see nothing else is left.

when you blink,
and notice a little ray of hope.

then one day, when you’re gone
your silent sceams be heard
at last! !


45 Replies to “Silent Scream”

  1. To have someone hear our silent screams, I wonder what that would look like or feel like…the image gives me hope, if no one hears our silent screams perhaps the vast ocean can and with its calm waves, reach out to soothe our souls.

    1. You have spoken well Kim..its true..we may not always need someone to literally hear our silent screams….nature would be enough to listen and carry on what our heart really desires…

      1. My eldest will be graduating this march 2nd fr senior high and my third is fr Junior high..the youngest is gr 8 now..ang bilis ng panahon.

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