How Do I Say Goodbye?



I took the plane with you, our
hands joined together when you ask
I wanna know how can something
so wrong feels so right all along?
and when does love so true
never actually was meant to be?
Will someone please let me know.

Chorus I:

So I say just love me and make me smile
‘Cos baby that’s all I need for a while.
Please help me make it through…


The plane is on its final descent now,
Will this be then our last goodbye?
And soon it will be taxing
we will part ways, that’s for sure
But I still wanna know how do I say
my final goodbye?
Will someone please let me know.

Chorus II:

So I say just love me now and make me smile
‘Cos baby that’s all I need for a while
Please help me make it through.



Baby help me make it through
As I walk home alone without you…





I was seated next to a lovely couple on a plane during my recent trip abroad. Little did I know that this lovely couple will teach me one lesson in life that we thought we all know but actually really don’t: that is -love really knows no bounds.
My heart truly bleeds as I silently watched them say their final goodbye.
A teardrop as I saw them kissed their probably last kiss.


  1. Yes, there are often beautiful lessons playing out all around us if we take the time to listen…you seem surrounded by people who live life with passion…in my world love seems to take a back seat and that’s so sad…I hope you had a wonderful trip, Mich…I was just thinking of you!

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    1. Ohh kate you comment went on my spam….i really dont know why kate why they to part..but whatever maybe the reason its probably for the best…one thing for sure though…they will forever love each other

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  2. firstly I want to say that you are a very emphatic soul, and you see what others may miss in their hurry or self centered existence. I am glad you were sensitive to the beautiful moment that passed between those two and wrote this haunting piece for us to read. Secondly , it was not just poetry, it was the most beautiful love song. I read it and it sand so sweetly. lovely words Mich, I am always in awe of how you can capture a feeling and make it so palpable!

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    1. Thank you Gina for saying those things…and yes i believe you when you said i am a very emphatic soul; something that has been with me ever since i could remember…i’d like to say its a gift and for the longest time i have kept in me the feelings i felt everytime i met people .
      And somehow it also becomes a little burden, until one day in a cafe i found myself writing about what i felt might have been happening in the mind and heart of someone seated next to me..


      1. I am so glad you are tuning into that part of your soul, and it brings so much comfort and joy to others when we can read things from an empath, because its things our own soul is feeling but cannot verbalise. much love to you my friend!

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  3. this touched me because I said too many goodbyes and yrs later as I’ve grown those goodbyes still hurt,no I can’t let them,no I can’t let………
    Love is a fire that never burns out even just an ember will do,its sad to see the one the who,love standing there as you pull away and wonder now only if,only if,the ember still burns,the fire left a mark,I still ask myself why ……if only I knew then what o know now


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