Amidst Silence and Tears

Betrayed me
I wept and wailed
In agony
I could die a thousand deaths
And cursed a million times
Amidst silence and tears.

But I chose to simply cry
‘Till the tears run dry
And I could cry no more
I suffered in silence
I was quiet
But I was brave
Amidst silence and tears.

Can destroy me
But you can never bring me down
Nor topple my spirit
I am empowered
Amidst silence and tears.



  1. If this is how beautiful your tears are, then I must say let them fall. And if this is how powerful your silence is, I say give it to the world.

    Beautiful writing, Mich. The refrain after every verse catches my attention the most.

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  2. The real power of poetry is to give the reader no escape – in this case, I feel the tears, feel the silence, share the dignity, the refusal to cave in, feel the uplifting sense of power at the end as you lift your chin (in my mind) and utter quietly the closing words. Fabulous, just fabulous Mich!

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  3. Working with our sorrow can make us stronger Mich and you have captured that thought beautifully in this powerful poem.


  4. This was such a heartfelt, and moving piece on the feelings of heartbreak! It’s really hard to get over lost love sometimes to be sure. Letting go is hard. But the good thing is that as Davy said, it can make you stronger. I like to think of a broken heart to be like a broken arm. A broken arm heals stronger at the break than it was before. Wonderful post!!! Bravo! Thanks so much for sharing this!!!

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  5. Such emotion, Silence can be deafening! as the river of tears flow.. Know I felt your heart as the salt rivers ran..
    Sending Love and Blessings to you Mich, I have not been on WP as often so I am sorry I missed this when it was posted..
    Sending LOVE and Mega HUGS ❀ ❀ ❀

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  6. Ugh Mich, just read this… Hugging you. Processing this stuff is really tough but you are doing a great job. I’m sorry for what you are going through.


  7. Dear Mich, I have missed you, Dear Friend!!!??? I had a like on my comment on this Poem and came back to reread it! Wow, this poem really spoke to my heart, yet again! So much so that I ended up writing a piece on the topic from your wonderful seed of inspiration, here! Was wanting to share it with you but discovered you have no contact page?? Please send me an email to – so I can send you a copy if you would like to read it?? Let me know!
    Have missed your views and our chit-chat and banter!!!


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