My Dreams

(Photo courtesy of Pat, my second daughter)   If my dreams have powers, I would dream of a majestic house; a house with a luxurious living room… a grandiose staircase… a magnificent dining area… an elegant chandelier…. a towering balcony…. But my dreams don’t have powers, So, i didn’t get a majestic house; but aContinue reading “My Dreams”

Empowered-A Cinq Trois Decala Rhyme

“I am a flickering light shining the brightest; because i am empowered”   Empowered You don’t take away from me that one thing i deserve, one thing. You don’t tell me what to do ‘cos you deemed, as human being. I shall be in solitude, will be silent, will be quiet. I will give myContinue reading “Empowered-A Cinq Trois Decala Rhyme”