Hope Springs (Haiku)

Bleak, sad, and gloomy,
It’s that little ray of light,
Springs hope to our soul.

24 Replies to “Hope Springs (Haiku)”

      1. I get the same and sometimes a lot more from you. its good to feel at home wherever we are, it is the comfort of knowing we are safe and loved – blessings to you and the fam Mich!

  1. Your lovely photos echo the stormy skies that have finally revealed themselves after our long, dry summer…hope is what I’m holding on to as my father begins his third week in hospital…thank you for the sweet reminder, Mich.

      1. Thank you, Mich! I am well looked after…my Mom is cooking up a storm (they no longer live together) so that when I stop in to see her after visiting Dad in the hospital, I get to bring home a delicious soup or sauce…it sure helps as we navigate the many health issues plaguing him at the moment.

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