Colors (haiku)


Far away from you
Is to be blue my dearest
I wait; purple heart .




Stunning photos of my garden back home; they have survived the current storm.

In response to CalmKate’s Friday Foto Fun:


29 Replies to “Colors (haiku)”

      1. yes nature is resilient. last year I went to Pulau Weh in Acheh , they survived the devastating tsunami, life was forming in every crevice and I was so amazed. out of destruction nature heals it self, but please, your haiku it is one of those can have a myriad of interpretations for life’s struggles and hopes too.

      2. I admire your deep understanding about nature and i must say i am prompted and inspires at the aame time to understand be one with nature the way you do .

      3. i think you do, just the busy life you are sorting out has slowed you down a bit, I feel the energy of your words returning, even this short verse says so much of who you are as a human

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