Colors (haiku)


Far away from you
Is to be blue my dearest
I wait; purple heart .




Stunning photos of my garden back home; they have survived the current storm.

In response to CalmKate’s Friday Foto Fun:


Published by michnavs

Poetry in motion is all about passion, openness, enthusiasm, truth, and reason. It nurtures, inspires and desires to empower women to use their voices and recognize their influence. It envision a vibrant and diverse blogsiteย  which creates and influence culture and faith.

29 thoughts on “Colors (haiku)

      1. yes nature is resilient. last year I went to Pulau Weh in Acheh , they survived the devastating tsunami, life was forming in every crevice and I was so amazed. out of destruction nature heals it self, but please, your haiku it is one of those can have a myriad of interpretations for life’s struggles and hopes too.


      2. i think you do, just the busy life you are sorting out has slowed you down a bit, I feel the energy of your words returning, even this short verse says so much of who you are as a human


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