Church -Haiku

The mountains will sing
To the church as house of God
Where faith is revered.




A fun art created by my daughter. It’s made of colored sand glued together (like a jiggsaw puzzle) to create a colorful art version of a church.


This is in response to calmkate’s Friday foto fun art.


    1. Yes Gina the limestone hills is beautiful in the morning but i love it the most at twilight….i am yet to write a poem about and to take a photo….i am taking my time cos i wanted to go down (the car) and see it closer ….i felt like there’s so much stories to tell from there…

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      1. yes you have to catch it in different light. my dad was born in Kuala Kangsar, the royal town not too far away. the limestone hills an tin mining are what prospered the towns around it. but they still retain their old world charm, when we travel through these parts we always take the trunk roads, a longer drive but the scenery is amazing! they do have lots of stories, you got that right. the temples built into the face of the mountain are very beautiful too.


      1. Glad to be here again Mich… I had cut down my visiting a lot, due to spending time in the summer doing other things, so I had only been returning comments etc.. Don’t think you were forgotten… Just I hadn’t been logging in to my reader and shut off my emails alerts for a time.. I have spent all afternoon in my reader today catching up with people.. and still not a quarter way through.. ❀ Big hugs.. good to see you back to regular blogging again Mich.. ❀


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