Stuck (Etheree)

In the
Middle of
Life’s crossroad paths
What we missed; must go
Least we live in the past
And can’t let go; the present
Is a must to live and enjoy
For nobody gets closer, as future
Remains a vision, when we are just stuck.

In response to:

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

Welcome to “What do you See?”

Reply with your choice of poetry or short story,
whatever represents what you (see) (feel) (within you) about this week’s photo.

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32 Replies to “Stuck (Etheree)”

  1. being in the middle isn’t such a bad place to be sometimes, it’s the start of letting go, knowing we have the strength to move forward. if we start at one end we may topple and fall, I like your thoughts, they are so balanced with vision and practicality

  2. Absolutely perfect for this prompt Mich. “Stuck
    In the
    Middle of
    Life’s crossroad paths
    What we missed; ”
    This speaks volumes… the way we move unconsciously, missing the guidance in our path. There is hope in your poem stating that the present is what’s important. Well written Etheree.

  3. Wonderful poem… We all of us at times often can feel stuck and ‘caged’ We indeed must live and enjoy… Now is the only moment… and we must try to make each moment count.. ❤ LOVE to you Mich.

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