Beauty – poem

John Keats once said,
“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”,
But what joy would it bring if
It is hidden underneath?

One has to walk in beauty
Like night and never hide.
So come with me my love and let us Explore, the beauty hidden underneath.

For a thing of beauty is indeed a joy,
Always and forever.



  1. Gorgeous poem! So true, if we can only fill our lives with things of beauty and bring the light of day eternally, it would be the best as we paint on this canvass we are a part of.


  2. External beauty fades and can often cover-up something really ugly and cruel. Internal beauty is like the sun and can last forever. I never did judge the book by its cover.


  3. so brilliant to weave the Keats into your words, where one end and the other begins is so seamless and makes me feel the magic of a forgotten world.


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