Gone -poem



The sun is up today
so i gleefuly  say
“this espresso i am having
is soothing and warming”.

I bet it’s from the blue mountain of Jamaica, Columbia, Guatamela or Java
it has a golden colored crema on top
and that robust flavor made me snap.

I felt a sweet lingering after taste
so i snag another cup in haste
**ensaymada is what i am having it with
“soft and delicate; buttery and grilled”.

Its a sunny day today
as I take a sip, grab a bite and say
“Dad, it’s been really a long while
you’re way too gone but i miss you still”.

In memory of my father who have gone ahead of us to heaven.

**Ensaymada is a pastry product from Mallorca. It is a common cuisine eaten in most former Castilian territories in Latin America and the Philippines.

16 Replies to “Gone -poem”

  1. a beautiful way to remember dad, and having something sweet and so symbolic of his warm strong love. i hope your day has been going ok and you can feel the love and support of those who love you

  2. That feeling doesn’t ever completely go away. My dad passed away 17 years ago and I still vividly recall like yesterday. Granted my heart has mended as much as it will, the wound is like the aches in our joints that some how sneak in.
    I know your dad is there watching over you with love and pride.❤️🤗

  3. This resonates with me. We have lost our father six years ago but I still miss him. It was his birthday last Saturday and it made me suddenly feel sad. Oh! I love Ensaymada!

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