Little Things (double haiku)

Every little thing you do is what makes me fell so in love with you Oh, where have all those little sweet nothings by now miss them don’t you know? Written for: Friday Foto Fun – Little Things Here is a beautiful song that says.. Little Things (One Direction) Your hand fits in mine like it’sContinue reading “Little Things (double haiku)”

Those Days

you strum the guitar softly and wrote songs with a great melody the crowd was cheering joyfully your band playing rock n roll gently those days, oh those thrilling days we exchanged the sweetest hellos and the saddest goodbyes the passionate and endearing kiss lingering gaze, I remember always those days, oh those enchanting daysContinue reading “Those Days”


If tomorrow is another day and that tomorrow will come for me Will you be delighted or will you be crestfallen? “Another chance” maybe, you’ll say. But if tomorrow is another day and that tomorrow won’t come for me Will you be beaming with joy or will you be feeling blue? “A sweet revenge” maybe,Continue reading “Tomorrow-poem”

Safe Haven -poem

the spattering and splashing of the waves from the ocean striking and surging every movement is like a dispute rushing and rustling in my head comes back bigger and greater in every descend and as I lay my head unto your chest I listened carefully to the silent beating of your heart I am inContinue reading “Safe Haven -poem”

How Much Longer -poem

How much longer can one bear the hurt of broken hope and a curtailed dream? How much longer? I already don’t know. How much longer can one smile, over a bruised and wounded heart? How much longer? I already don’t know. The pain is too harrowing to feel. I am numbed. I don’t know.  Continue reading “How Much Longer -poem”

I Am Mother Nature -poem

I have loved you for so long And give you all that I own Your existence is to where I belong I am with you from dusk till dawn.   What happened my dear? Why did you abandon me in fear? Why did you rob me of everything? Now, I am left with almost nothing.Continue reading “I Am Mother Nature -poem”


Reminiscence I have forgotten lots of things just like anyone else forgetting is as much part of my life as remembering it dies unexpectedly without warning and without reprieve. of all the memories I have meeting you was the only can’t forget it’s embedded in my heart you always stir it back into life againContinue reading “Reminiscence-poem”