Another Year -poem

Its the January breeze
that reminds me
of a lost love
a lost affection
and a forgotten promise
of forever and always.

Its another year
Without you



Happy new year everyone…

45 Replies to “Another Year -poem”

  1. Even if it has been a long time, we continue to miss those whom we loved so much. This is a precious and moving poem Mich.

  2. A bittersweet poem…it always seems cruel how life moves on after a great loss. I’m happy you were able to see another year, michnavs, and I’m sure your dad is happy about that too 💜

  3. happy new year dear Mich! in your sadness remember his love and kindness, that is all we can do, the ones left behind, but one day we will feel those loving arms around us again. my heart aches deeply for you, for as a daughter i too know how much a father is missed, especially an amazing one like yours. may his soul always be at rest as he smiles down on his precious girl here.

      1. oh that is sad … my dad was suffering badly and I nursed him in his last six weeks … there was nothing more we could possibly do for him and his suffering is now over … so yes I miss him but would never wish him back …

  4. Having just made it through a bittersweet December (Dad’s birthday and the holidays), your beautiful lament to your lost one tugs at the heartstrings…I hope this brand new year brings us many happy memories with less sorrow, Mich!

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