I Know I Didn’t Get to Say Goodbye-poem

I Know I Didn’t Get to Say Goodbye-poem

I know i didn’t get to say goodbye
The least you want to even hear
You needed badly my hellos
Of the visits i missed the most.

I know i didn’t get to say goodbye
But let me just come in for once
Let me have a moment with you
We’ll make it worth, i swear to you

I know i didn’t get to say goodbye
That’s why you left without waiting
Without a trail of not knowing why
You’re gone, without goodbye too

Where are you now?
That, i will never sure know
But please let me take a look
Of how life has become since you left
Without a single trace of goodbye.

Inspiration prompted by the poem “I am Willing” of Gina https://alifelesslivedblog.wordpress.com/2019/01/21/i-am-willing/

Posted for Willow Poetry https://helenevaillant.com/2019/01/22/what-do-you-see-january-22-2019/




51 Replies to “I Know I Didn’t Get to Say Goodbye-poem”

  1. Love the way you weaved different emotions in this poem, Mich. This was definitely a sad poem, and the feeling of loss and sorrow is apparent in it, but this is also a poem that resonates love and warmth and hope that one day you will get to say goodbye. Amazing writing 💜

  2. you blew this out of the water….WOW!! the grief translated with deep love and longing brings the reader to this place where angels linger, I am both sad and uplifted, only good writing can do that. you say it was inspired by my little lines but this is something totally different, it seemed to come from a place of regret but love overcame her and she created this piece to show that there is a place we can hope to go to one day, a window into a place of no more sorrow, and reconciliation will be so sweet.

    I know i didn’t get to say goodbye
    That’s why you left without waiting

    this two lines takes my breath away – how can words touch from so far, how can you know this heart’s content?

    I am so blessed to know you and your writing, you have changed my world in so many good ways

    1. Oh, i am proud and honored that this poem had that impact on you too..and you are correct by saying this is filled with so much grief and regret but love is so strong that it has become hopeful and happily longing..

      Thank you Gina as always.

  3. I can feel your heart in this poem Mich, Maybe it is we who put too much importance of the perfect goodbye. When in fact what we need to be remembering were all of those hellos and the laughter of the moments we were together..
    Good to see you writing so strongly again my friend..
    And I am sure this New Year is going to bring more hello’s than goodbyes..
    Sending MUCH Love Mich..
    You are special… remember that.. I know the one you are thinking of thought so.. ❤ ❤

  4. Reminds me when I couldn’t say Good-bye to a grandparent in the hospital.
    At the time they were more afraid of germs than allowing young children the right to a fair good-bye.

      1. Times have changed. When MIL was in hospice even the great grands were able to visit…
        One must remember the good, with the sad. Each part has its purpose.

        I like that I resemble that one grand – and I do know that she loved me 🙂

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