How much of yesterday is to be forgotten
For our story to begin?

How much of yesterday is to be treasured
For our life to be remembered?

A yesterday lived in today
Is tomorrow to stay.

Change not the lapse of time
It can never be flipped up side down.



42 Replies to “Time-Poem”

  1. reading this my heart is prompted to say so much, for your words always shed new light on old problems. your first couplet sets the stage for new beginnings, and i hope everyone reading this is not afraid of ending one story to allow another to begin. we must take courage from you, you who has battled and won. you give me courage today to do what i must. a new story, yes!

    1. Thats so nice of you to say that Gina…i am always loving your insights here….some people are stuck in the past; others are so worried of the future living their todays miserable…and that saddens me..

  2. Your verse reminded me of all the Sci-fi programs that try to go back and change time. Living positively in the present can impact what was, is and will be. 🙂

      1. I know it is confusing, but I closed that blog because that is where the icon goes. I shut two daily sites down and I only use Strands and Fiction now. One used to be able to switch icons, but I’m not sure when ‘WP’ stopped that but it was years ago (so it seems).

        I always use links in the prompts I use.
        I’ll send you an email with those two blog sites.

        Thank you for asking…

      2. Its okay actually if you appear regularly on my reader (the.moment you have a new post)…on that event i can read and comment..but there are so many times you do not appear..so whenever i remember you i try navigating thru your site from the last comment you made..

      3. Thanks… I put the correct link to Strands in the comments. I don’t usually deal with the Reader. So I don’t really know how that works. But from what I have seen it shows the latest top posts, so maybe scrolling down would get what you missed or isn’t on the first page of the Reader?

      4. I have the sites (few that they are) pop up in my mail box. All others are on my favorites lists and after that/ or before that I go visiting comments from my mail or from the comments area of my WP Dashboard. I generally don’t bother with the Reader.

        Kind of like Google +, if you have gmail. Which by the way Google is getting rid of Google + for lack of use.

  3. Time almost seems to stop as I read this poem. I like how you weaved all the different concepts of time together, all our yesterdays, todays and tomorrows overlapping and interlocking to form our life 🙂

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