Picture Perfect-free verse

Perfectly calm Secretly cool Intentionally well Passionately damn Picture perfect I marvel in awe P.S. Posted for calmkate’s Friday -foto- fun https://aroused.blog/2019/02/22/friday-foto-fun-framed/ I was very happy with this shot because it looks like a framed painting; but its not. A sunset at one of our local beaches back home. And for Eugenia’s Word of theContinue reading “Picture Perfect-free verse”

Mirthless Muse -poem

  The flowers move as you sway the wind catches you to stay The bees trace your track trying to catch you back Your lovely that’s what they say your smile brightens their day Your scent makes them shiver as you walk down and ponder One day the flowers move no more the wind stoodContinue reading “Mirthless Muse -poem”

Paulo Coelho -free verse

Paulo Coelho is one of my favorite contemporary authors. His works have influenced me in so many ways and his stories have inspired me as well. I am reposting one of my earliest published poems here in WordPress which I am sure many of my current readers have not read yet. This is in responseContinue reading “Paulo Coelho -free verse”

Balance- free verse

  When you are complete and feel you have that perfect sense of harmony no amount of distraction nor a mighty burden will ever topple you down from standing on your toes perfectly balanced P.S. In response to V.J.’s weekly challenge.  We were asked to look back and check on our last week’s post andContinue reading “Balance- free verse”

Lost Souls-poem

Underneath the sea are souls lost tormented and broken Gone are the days when they can come home and feel the love of a once golden promise Now all they can do is lament wail and yearn as one long lost and forgotten soul. P.S There has been some outrage in my home country aboutContinue reading “Lost Souls-poem”

Not your Average Girl (part 2)- free verse

She doesn’t don’t know how to act but with a sense of urgency She doesn’t know how to care without thinking too much and feeling too much She doesn’t know how to be quiet and sit still and allow her mind to settle She is always asking, experiencing, struggling and finding meaning She is passionateContinue reading “Not your Average Girl (part 2)- free verse”

Little Things – free verse

With every little thing you do And with every little smile, you gave I am in awe I am in wonder With every little love you share And with every little light, you shed I am delighted I am honored With that little thing you do And little love you share I am gratified IContinue reading “Little Things – free verse”

Not your Average Girl-poem

She is not your average girl Not even by far close to normal She’s off-kilter Weird Cranky Bizzare Her smile though Is romantic Promising and charming It wrinkles up her face And when it’s gone You knew its hidden somewhere You alone can find She is not your average girl Not even by far closeContinue reading “Not your Average Girl-poem”