A child, so called
Of lies and compromises
Of deceits untold
And of broken promises

Living a double life
Pretending to be forthright
And never been in strife
A child, she just wants tonight


Written for Helene of Willow Poetry, photo prompt of the week:


36 Replies to “Child-poem”

  1. did you mean double life? I could see the mirror image of the other person reflected from the sideways glance, very sharp of you to pick up on that. Children learn manipulation from adults, your plea at the end was begging for authenticity i feel. so much packed in so few words

    1. Yes Gina…that’s exactly what i meant (and oh, i edited the doble to double, thanks)…and again i say yes that i still wish children of today will value the essence of being true to themselves…we see them grow so fast..and sadly we also see them live their lives on the basis of what other people has to say..they lose their innocence and even their true self..

  2. Lovely poem Mich, and loved the image also.. Children grow too fast today, and unfortunately for some know far too soon of broken promises.
    Sending love and Blessings your way Mich. Take care of you. ❤

  3. Definitely, children are growing too quickly nowadays, missing the pleasures of being a child. Thank you Mich, this is a beautiful poem.

  4. I can relate to this piece as I feel my siblings were favored. But then another door opens and we move on. For too long I played peacemaker, now I want some peace for myself. I think I am managing that 🙂

    1. Wow that’s really wonderful Jules ..sometimes we need to do some drastic moves in order to attain what our hearts really desire…and sometimes too, it may not what our love ones like but nevertheless we move on..

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