Two little boys enjoying their “touching” moment  with this adorable farm goat..


Even a simple touch while in bed can lull someone to sleep.



Warm and affectionate touch
What every child need
To develop long -term
Of sense of worth, security
And of emotional resilience

A single touch
Can be worth than a thousand
“I love you’s”


Posted for:
Friday Foto Fun – Texture by calmkate



36 Replies to “Touch”

  1. touch is so important for growth and development, even babies need it or they won’t grow up healthy. this was a “touching” post!! and a hug is the best!

    1. Thank you Gina..i wanted to participate in Kate’s photo challenge and being the one who doesnt have the niche for photography, it was a bit challenging because i really want to sen in a message about the importance of “touch” among kids especially newborns..i read recently that babies deprive of human touch can actually die..

      1. yes that is true and its sad because there are cases of mums in post partum depression that cannot bear to be with their own kids, thankfully we have nurses to care for these babies.

        your words more than conveyed the message, we need to give kids the physical reassurance. but also teach them the boundaries of proper and improper touch

      2. I agree with you on the last note about touch…young kids should need to know and understand the extent to which they should be touched…as there are growing numbers of perverts out there who are taking advantage of this suppose to be wonderful gift to humanity..

      1. Thankyou for writing it mich. i have always known the healing power of touch. Even touch without speech. Sad thatnpeople don’t touch because for a blind person it is vital. I can’t see your pictures but I bet they are lovely x

      2. two photos are pictures of two lovely young kids touching/caressing a farm goat…and the 3rd and last is a photo of a hand …

        Sadly, the world is filled with so much negativity that we have forgotten the simple joys of life…a simple tap on the shoulders that says its gonna be fine..or a simple embrace saying you are missed..those are the things we have been missing lately.

        And yes for those who cannot see ang appreciate beauty through their naked eye, touch is very essential…

  2. The sense of touch is the last to leave. We need to remember to hold the hand, give the hug, and touch the shoulder of the elderly instead of talking (when they can’t hear), showing them photos (when they can’t see)…

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