Fulcrum -poem

I was a ballerina
standing on tiptoes
finding balance
if I lean to the right or left
I fall over
You were my fulcrum
creating stability
and equilibrium
you bring the waves
in my mind
to a halt
leading me
to my centerpoint
my stillness
my heart.


Who would you consider to be your support/balance? Are the people whom you can leverage success and happiness?
If not, find some!


  1. There are layers here – the rock that provides the support, but also, I can’t help think that a ballerina learns to walk on tiptoes – an unnatural form of balance – what acrobatics lead one there? I also see my husband, who calms my waves of craziness. This is very well done.


  2. “…you bring the waves
    in my mind
    to a halt
    leading me
    to my centerpoint
    my stillness
    my heart.”

    Wow and sigh.

    Possibly some of the most beautiful lines of poetry I’ve read in a while

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  3. ballerinas have to be so perfect in so many areas, they need the physical and emotional balance as well as spiritual, your poem knits all together, i don’t think there is one person that could do all that for us, if you have found him or her be blessed they are few and far between. my fulcrum is my Jesus, my kids and then me. In this order my life has perfect balance, He tells me you can slip my child but i will never let you fall. oh i am being dramatic again, but your words have such an effect on me!!!!!


  4. Nice poem. I consider my DH my support/balance. He’s a very encouraging man who’s behind me 110%. I, in turn, do what I can to leverage him every day by doing things that will make his life a little easier. In a relationship of 40+ years, you grow together becoming of one mind to help the other succeed. It’s a blessing to have him in my life. πŸ™‚


  5. Excellent analogy – there are tipping points and fulcrums aplenty in life. The struggle to maintain balance is ongoing. I am fortunate to have steady family and solid friends to keep me in perfect balance.


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