Little Things – free verse

With every little thing you do
And with every little smile, you gave
I am in awe
I am in wonder

With every little love you share
And with every little light, you shed
I am delighted
I am honored

With that little thing you do
And little love you share
I am gratified
I am pleased.

2019-02-18 12.14.25


A little something to kick off our week.Β  What is that one little thing that makes you happy?


  1. This makes me want to shout for joy! The little things are huge huge treasures of the heart. You are loved and cherished. I can understand why. You give so much of yourself to the ones you love they want to show you in the most beautiful way.


  2. It is all about the little things. Love this, so much. And those look like they smell great πŸ™‚ I love receiving surprise notes.


  3. The scent of wood smoke in the air is visceral…I walked home yesterday with the light lingering, inhaling this winter scent, and the words to a poem began to take shape, that is joy, when the words come!


    1. Oh how wonderful😊😊😊😊its always a joy when we know and feel that something is cooking in our mind that is also in coordination with what’s in our hearts….

      Its been really hot here…so a walk is quiete impossible but i am.enjoying nature as i open my window and.see the birds flying..

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  4. Loved this so much! Really a great poem! So wonderful to know one is loved by your beloved, isn’t it!! You so deserve it and more!! Bellissimo, Mich, Bellissimo!
    For me, it is waking up each morning and being able to give my Sweetheart a morning kiss!!


  5. The little things that matter, holding hands with my husband, just a smile. Your wrote a beautiful poem Mich. Thank you for who you are.


  6. So many things that I feel blessed to have in my life, I definitely can’t just choose one…but my creative spirit I can share with the world.😊

    Lovely way to start the week, very uplifting Mich!😊 ❀️


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