Lost Souls-poem

Underneath the sea
are souls lost
and broken

Gone are the days
when they can come home
and feel the love
of a once golden promise

Now all they can do
is lament
and yearn
as one long lost
and forgotten soul.


There has been some outrage in my home country about our young mariners who have sailed across the ocean and was never seen coming home. There are a lot of tell tales about this, but whatever the story behind, one thing is for sure; someone is weeping over a lost love one, a lost brother, a lost father, a lost friend, and a lost hardworking citizen.

This poem is for all of them out there. .May they find peace knowing that they are loved and will never be forgotten.

Written too in response for Helene of Willow Poetry; https://helenevaillant.com/2019/02/19/what-do-you-seefeb-19-2019/



  1. I feel that sadness of loss and broken promises in your poem. I’ve read that the largest export of the Philippines are its people. So many families apart from each other – very sad indeed!


  2. How heartwrenching it is Michnavs! Your words and the note below conveyed the pain directly into my heart. Such a sad reality for those who go into the sea and lose their lives.


  3. I can relate to this. So many from my province have been lost to the sea and have never been found. My dad fished, every day, and I know we always worried until he returned. I love how you’ve captured this in verse.


      1. You are kindly welcome. My dad passed a few years ago of natural causes but many here still go to sea.


  4. I’ve only been on a cruise ship once for about a week.
    I can’t imagine being a sea for months at a time for work or exploration.
    A fitting tribute. May they all be remembered.


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