Not your Average Girl (part 2)- free verse


She doesn’t don’t know how to act
but with a sense of urgency

She doesn’t know how to care
without thinking too much and feeling too much

She doesn’t know how to be quiet and sit still and allow her mind to settle

She is always asking, experiencing, struggling and finding meaning

She is passionate and misunderstood of being finicky rather than simply striving for excellence

She is an artist, deep, creative
And not your average girl


Written for Eugenia of

Word/expression of the week – finicky – (adjective) – fussy about one’s needs or requirements. Showing or requiring great attention to detail. Synonyms – overcritical, difficult, awkward, exacting, demanding, a perfectionist.


  1. she is the Crazed girl that Yeats wrote about, the one with the untamed heart heart full of love, oh your lines are superb my friend, it says so much about being who you are and dancing down supermarket aisles and not caring who sees, working on your own beliefs because they matter to you, not who is watching you. hugs and blessings to you for being extraordinarily beautiful you!


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