Mirthless Muse -poem


The flowers move as you sway

the wind catches you to stay

The bees trace your track

trying to catch you back

Your lovely that’s what they say

your smile brightens their day

Your scent makes them shiver

as you walk down and ponder

One day the flowers move no more
the wind stood still colder

The bees lose your track

they don’t want you back

You were sad and lonely

your smile makes their day cloudy
Your scent makes them grieve

as you sat in deep bereave

Maybe the gods cursed you today

no, a hesitant bee say

Maybe  someone works its way

to make you forlorn lady


I am reposting an old poem. This was written and published here at WP in my first month of blogging many years ago.
When I saw the photo prompt of Helene of Willow Poetry, I knew this one fits in.

This is likewise in honor of Gina’s recent post https://alifelesslivedblog.wordpress.com/2019/02/24/chaos-to-community-reflections/
It’s not easy to live a challenging life and face the world with a smile. It takes a lot of courage. Gina on her post emphasized the beauty of keeping your composure with a smile amidst the chaos. And how many of us can do that?

We’ve heard many times the phrase “there’s always a rainbow after the rain”; I say why wait for the rainbow when you can learn to love and enjoy the blessings brought about by the rain? Even if the rain turns out to be a storm, I believe, that storm or any storm for that matter will bring a lot of good than bad to us.


Can you smile beautifully when your heart is in chaos? Or can you still see the good even in the worst situation?


  1. Bees and flowers and human relationships tied up with rejection and chaos. Your poem is very ethereal Mich. Appreciate the link to my post. You give clarity to chaos my friend. I feel the sadness of once being revered now discarded. Its a sad reality for some. My view is we are too previous for shallow hearts. Our waters run too deep for them to truly appreciate our value. Good writing my friend.


  2. Lovely poem you have posted Mich, joining Gina’s post and the prompt together expanded the essence of light within the chaos, the positive gifts that come from it all.


  3. A haunting poem, Michnavs, and to my mind one that has a prophetic ring. If we ignore and don’t give back to this planet, what it gives us everyday in abundance, we may soon learn a hard lesson.

    And in regard to the rain, I absolutely agree with you. The sooner we learn to breathe with contentment each passing moment, the better off we’ll be.

    Thank you for sharing!


  4. I like how you grounded the message of this poem in the bees and the flowers, and I agree with your thoughts afterwards that we should learn to enjoy the blessings of the rain instead of simply waiting for it to pass.


    1. Thank you Jade…sometimes we spend so much of our time and energy waiting for the best to come…and when that happens we can no longer appreciate it because we have been drowned by so much worries..

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  5. Another apropos saying “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”
    Look forward, and know that change is really the only constant.
    Be happy in the present, that will make memories better as well as the future.

    (Still pulling you out of my electric trash bin…)


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