Two little boys enjoying their “touching” moment with this adorable farm goat.


Even a simple touch while in bed can lull someone to sleep.



Warm and affectionate touch
What every child need
To develop long -term
Of a sense of worth, security
And of emotional resilience

A single touch
Can be worth than a thousand
“I love you’s”


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Friday Foto Fun – Texture by calmkate



Empty- poem

Strained and bruised
Pained and bothered

Fell in darkness
Consumed in the abyss

Exploding in a minute
Warning without limit

Empty heart
Broken apart

Estoy Dolido, mi amor.


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BrewNSpew Cafe, where writers meet

Word/expression of the week – empty – (adjective) – containing nothing; not filled or occupied. 




As I lay in bed last night
I dream of you and sleep tight
And in my dream, I got a thump
I felt a huge gigantic hump
Over my shoulders
I shed some tears
I am pushed away
And off I stay

The banging
And thumping
I cried
It pains
It hurts

Woke up in a dream
Oh how my tears run in a stream
I painfully cry
I could die
That huge gigantic hump
I felt I got a thump
Was my heart beating in agony
You left me in dismay.


This is in response to Diana’s photo prompt for February – a Pixabay image by Marianne Sopala.
You can check out her February challenge here

February’s Speculative Fiction Prompt

I wanted to write something about the elephant and the cute little mice in its literal sense, but I realized it would be so much fun to give this adorable elephant a different life and a different persona (so to say).

Somewhere in Time -poem

Somewhere in Time -a poem

Somewhere in between
I cried in pain
I agonized in disdain
I lamented in vain.

Somewhere hereafter
I walk away over
I smile in sober
I yearn to unfetter.

Somewhere thereafter
I will be discharged
I will be freed
I will be liberated.

Until then…
For a moment and now…

Let me soar higher.

Written for: WHAT DO YOU SEE? JAN/29/2019 byHélène – Willow Poetry