Picnic -Haibun


It’s the world-famous beach. White sand and crystal clear water. We run, we stroll, we jump, we crawl. We eat. We laugh. We watch….the sun sets perfectly along the horizon

Raindrops on the beach
Waves splashing on the seashore
Summer rain falling


Gina hosts a picnic haibun at dVerse https://dversepoets.com/2019/04/29/haibun-monday-that-picnic/



My first attempt for dVerse


      1. It sounds gorgeous mich. our beaches in England tend to be rather cold for much of the year, but even then, it is wonderful to hear the sound of the sea. It is so fresh along our coasts.


  1. this was such a sweet start and love that you jumped right into it Mich!! your Haibun is just sparkling! i am just by your side running and splashing on that beach, you made it come alive for me. and a beautiful haiku, perfectly seasonal and joyful. thank you for participating!

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    1. Oh thank you and i am glad to see you here ..i have been trying to leave a comment in your site since i first read kate’s interview but for some weird reasons i can’t…i will try again this time.

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  2. This is so peacefully serene! For some strange reason, these posts did not appear in my reader till you alerted me. So I did a search and found a fea of your posts I missed!!


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