For Once


You are assertive and unyielded a friend who patiently listens and never walks away, not once.


You are refined and polished one, our source of encouragement, a man of honor and gratitude, all at once.


You’re always willing to say “sorry” and “forgive” me a nurturing man and a loving partner all at once.


You are our wall of trust and security and we knew you will never betray us, not even once.


Spending time with you is fun; you share tricks and shortcuts and make academics enjoyable, for once.


Affection could be your surname

you hug, you kiss as a mother does, all for once.


You are a pillar of strength, support, and discipline your work is endless oftentimes thankless, but I will thank you Dad, I knew at once.






My first attempt at Ghazal poetry form was inspired by a recent visit to the Singapore National Museum. My hero has always been my father. Apart from reading and writing, we share the same passion for Arts and Culture and he would have been so delighted to see these exhibits. According to Gay Reiser Cannon at d’Verse, who introduced the components of the ghazal for their challenge, the ghazal’s narrator “is always a hero longing for the unattainable”.



  1. “Affection could be your surname
    you hug, you kiss like a mother does…” I love this whole line. It sounds like your dad was a very special and awesome person. 🙂

    On a side note, I LOVE that wine decanter set. So pretty!


  2. Apologies for the sidetrack, but I can’t help but admire the images you posted. 🙂 My younger brother and I will be visiting the Lion City next month and the National Museum is part of our itinerary in the Central (since this is located near Fort Canning and Clarke Quay.)

    With that said, I’d like to ask – is there an admission fee and if so, how much? Thank you! 🙂


    1. Thanks for dropping by Monch…for foreigner 15 dollar per head and 12 dollar for kids …you will enjoy the museum…they have lots of offerings and exhibits which i am sure you will love..

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  3. I loved how you changed the refrain a bit for each couplet! It really works in its simple sophistication. Oh our fathers! The first man we fall in love with – your admiration and love for him comes through!


  4. You really allow us to get to know your father, the once suggests some form of remembering, loss, and yes of a hero. Our Dad’s for those who are fortunate have been ordinary but real heroes.


  5. I think fathers today are so much more hands on than previous generations.
    More than just bread winners… Lucky to have a parent you can connect with.


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