When all else fail
and hope seems no trail
look upon the dark gloomy sky
and you will see
underneath the clouds
a spark of light is
desperately wanting to come out.



This poem is inspired by a recent visit to the NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SINGAPORE. There they provide a reading space for kids.


And as I observed them reading silently, I realized that I am witnessing the future leaders of the world who will change the course of humanity. Hope is really still evident in the eyes of every child.



  1. What a beautiful space for readers (of all ages!) and yes, hope is sometimes all that we have left and it needs to be nurtured! Thank you, Mich for your lovely words and photos!


  2. A few months ago I sent books to a Little Free library that was started by a child because his small town didn’t have a library. The efforts of his family and others allowed them to open a second Little Free Library πŸ™‚


  3. Wonderful words Michnavs.
    In Norway I have seen parents bringing strollers and reading books for kids quite young. Such a great way to develop reading habbit.


      1. It was Gina..i remembered that was the year Harry Potter kicked off and while the rest of the world was patiently waiting for the book to be released in some bookstore…i get to hold, review and recommend the book to the school administration myself…some people were not sure whether we purchase the said book but i knew in my heart then it would have an impact to our young readers…

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      2. you had the foresight my dear! and knew what young readers would appreciate. that it coincided with such a memorable moment makes it all the sweeter.


  4. You no one should loose hope in the dark and gloomy times because a new sunny day always came after a dark night.. Great poem.. Great work.. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„


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