My Saga Continuous Part 2


The afternoon train ride reminds me of the young boys and girls who are victims of abuse and violence. Once again, my heart bleeds and my words came pouring down.


Mama, I Remember


I was young and innocent
didn’t know what’s goin’ on
but I heard him call you a whore
for wearing a nice dress at a party
I kept my silence
but, mama I remember

I was playful and mischievous
and always gets me in trouble
but I heard him blame you for that
you were useless, he said
I kept my silence
but, mama I remember

I came home from school one day
you were knocked out crying on the floor
and I heard him say that’s what you get
for being arrogant and trying to fight back
I kept my silence
but, mama I remember

I never understood why
why you never run away let alone
fight back and speak up
but I heard him challenged you to leave
I kept my silence
but, mama I remember

I witnessed you being beaten up to death
you tried to run away for the first time
it angered him even more
then I saw him with a gun
I kept my silence
but, mama I remember

It was I, who pulled the trigger
and shoot him to death
one loud gunshot ended everything
mama, I remembered
It was I, not you

Don’t keep your silence mama
because I remember
My saga on creating awareness to end violence continuous as I explore stories of Abused  Children who killed their Abusive Fathers.

Children are the silent victims of abuse and violence.
In January 2016, kate of Calmkate posted ” Love Kills” (read more of her post in this link, in this post she explores domestic violence that leads to killing and made a passionate plea to end it.

Two compelling stories of abused children who killed their abusive fathers have caught my attention as I was writing this post. The story of Bresha from Ohio and that of the Khachaturyan sisters from Russia.
In the early morning of July 28, 2016, Jonathan Meadows was shot in the head while he was sleeping on the couch. Police arrested Bresha, then 14, and transported her to a juvenile detention center in Warren, Ohio.
According to Bresha’s mother Meadows, 41, was an abusive husband, for the better part of two decades, he beat and controlled her. Bresha and her two older siblings, Brianna and Jonathan Jr., bore witness to the violence.

One evening Mikhail Khachaturyan, a father and war veteran realized that his living room wasn’t tidy and clean enough, so he blamed his three daughters for this, and summoned them one by one and doused each with pepper spray.
According to court records, such violence and abuse were not unusual in the Khachaturyan household.
Maria, Angelina, and Krestina Khachaturyan decided they couldn’t take it anymore. They waited for their father to fell asleep and attacked him with a kitchen knife and a hammer. He tried to fight back for a while but died within minutes.

Bresha, Maria, Angelina, and Krestina are just four of the many  Abused Children who killed their Abusive fathers.

Please don’t let this be your child’s story, and know that more than anyone else it is these little ones who will be compromised.  Give them the chance of a better life, provide them with a happy and healthy home environment, and don’t make them lose their sense of awe and innocence. Help them develop their love and compassion for humanity. These will all happen if you start taking the stand and speak up.
If you are experiencing abuse and violence at home,  speak up, and seek help.

If you are a victim and are afraid to speak up feel free to tell your story in the comment box below. I guarantee that  will privacy will be highly protected

LET’S TALK;  It may HELP you!

Posted in support of Perak Women for Women Society
The PWW Centre
15 Market Street
30000 Ipoh
Tel : 05-2469715

Melissa Jeltsen, HuffPost. Date Retrieved
July 17, 2019

NATALIYA VASILYEVA, Associated Press. Date Retrieved July 17, 2019


      1. Hey michI just posted my own poem from the perspective of the abused child. The one torn by the violence. I too was that child


      2. Well I ran away when I was 19. But at the age of 13 somebody told me God loved me. That was healing. I ate and drank of that hungrily and thirstily. But I also had a loving grandmother. I went there to stay in the holidays. She and my grandfather had a farm. That was very healing too. Plus I made a choice not to let it affect my life. So I married, and did degrees and things, and gave out to others like the elderly especially those in Homes. I gave out the love that I knew they needed and it was healing to me too 😊


      3. Wow…i am amazed at how you coped and healed Lorraine and thank you too for saying that you did not let it affect your you know abused children becomes delinquent adults; you took it in a way that it made you the best version on yourself and i am in awe having you here around wordpress….thank you Lorraine


    1. I used to teach, and i have encountered abused students myself and i can’t imagine how on earth their own fathers could do such a horrible thing…we really dont know what’s behind closed doors and sometimes the things that happened behind the doors are the ones that molds the values of these children. If they have been abused, and do not get help what become of them?

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      1. I kinda agree with you on that..with my years in the academe i came to realize that my male/boy student/s who showed tendencies to become violent in the classroom have parents who have the same traits..

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  1. those are the few … those who go through the court system are then returned home to further abuse … there are not the resources to break the cycle!
    And often their own families disown them, too scared to get involved …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is so true kate…for now, i am hoping that we provide more platforms for this to create more awareness…and i believe something has to be done/changed in terms of our perspective about “not wanting to get involved” so sad….

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  2. I’m working on my stars… I hope to have them in the post Monday.

    One must also remember that not all abuse is physical. Mental abuse and silence are other forms. And those types of abuse encourage teens of either sex to run away.


    1. Thank you for weaving those stars Jules..i have informed the Organization and they are very deligthted to know that you are sending in some.

      And yes, there are other forms of abuse too that can also lead the child to go astray..

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    2. Dear Jules
      We received all your lovely stars last week. We are so touched that these stars flew all the way to add onto our voices, giving us hope that women around the world are listening and are standing by each other to support and to empower!
      Follow us at our facebook page for updates. We can’t wait to touch our first million!
      Thanks Jules
      Much love from the One Million Stars team

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  3. Powerful. Poignant. Important. Sadly, still going on in our world. 😦
    Thank you for sharing this, Michnavs!

    For 4 years I worked in a sheltered care home for abused, neglected, and abandoned children ages birth to 18. I have a million stories I remember…the names, ages, faces, etc. 😦
    Years ago I blogged on a few of the kids. I’ll have to go back and see if I still have those blogposts.


  4. Oh Mich! Yes, the stories of children being abused or witnessing abuse is even more heartbreaking because they don’t have a choice of the family they are born into. Keep speaking out! Maybe your words and those of others who have been touched by your crusade (Kate, Ivor, etc) can create a chapbook to be sold and proceeds go to services for women and children dealing with DV. Your words not only uplift this issue but also provide healing. ❤️❤️


    1. Hi Irma, i am in communication with the organization (PWWS) as suggested by you in my previous post…and yes we are also in discussion of a manuscript /book which we will come up with and sell…
      Thank you for that too.

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      1. That is awesome! You’re making such a difference. Let me see what I can contribute to this worthy cause. My kids and I will be making stars…❤️❤️❤️


  5. I read these stories with the heaviest heart. Life is so precious but fear and anger takes so much away from us. We become heartless, truly immune that kindness exists. I can’t write about these matters. So I thank you that you can and articulate the trauma and sadness so carefully. Violence begets violence, how can we stop it’s vicious cycle. While reading all the stories gives a voice and recognises the victims but what can really be done to break the chain?

    On a lighter note. I saw the name of the station your ERL passes thru… I spent a memorable weekend almost 30 years ago in the tin mines there. Feasted on ostrich eggs and playing rounders on the flat fields. It brings back great memories.


    1. Train rides are always a wonderful avenue to write Gina ..i love it when i look around and see nature at its best while at.the same time in awe as how modern technology can bring us to our destination faster and more convinient.

      My years in the academic world has made me witnessed abused students and it really broke my heart as we would call in the parents and beg for them to take it easy on thei children as beating won’t help solve their problem; but i guess so much awareness and education should be done to at least be able to help parents understand their roles as parents; that is mostly to raise and nurture children in a loving and compassionate way..

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      1. i love train rides, my dream is to go on the Orient Express one day and write while looking over the landscape. You are such a sweet soul Mich, your poet’s heart sees the beauty in everything.

        Teachers have the toughest job don’t they, seeing a life slowly erode under so much violence, and unable to do anything about it.

        Our church does a street feeding ministry, we have set up a home for kids from broken homes, we educate them till they finish secondary school and then either get them into vocational training or further studies. many of them are victims of abuse, our mission is to remove them from that environment, I have seen some really excel at school once they are in a settled and safe home. Doing the small things to hopefully make a difference.


      2. Your church’s mission to provide education to.these kids is really admirable, because i believe that one of the best eradicate poverty is by education.

        Should your church need a volunteer visiting teacher…i am me😉

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  6. Hello dear Mich, this indeed a traumatic saga !! Your poem blatantly powerful and sad, and I have trouble holding back my emotions. Keep up your wonderful endeavours Mich, … I’m a firm believer that every little bit we do helps…….
    “You may never know what results of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results” – Mahatma Gandhi


      1. I am remarkably well, Mich! This lovely summer has been a respite from the grief and worry of last year…I keep coming across small gifts of my father’s writing or upon opening some of his beloved books finding his thoughts on small pieces of paper. Apparently he was a fan of Robert Burns’ poetry and Charles Dickens’ many works.


  7. Only recently here in England a case where a wife killed her abusive husband after years of violent abuse, After imprisonment and many family members coming to add witness statements, she got a re-trial she got acquitted as she had served a period in prison.
    Domestic abuse and violence is now being taken more seriously here by the judicial system and police..
    Where as once upon a time, you were more or less left defenceless as domestics were not taken seriously.


  8. Your poem today made me tear up. I had read about the Khachaturyan sisters, but did not read about Bresha. These stories are heartbreaking and I wish those children were never placed in such traumatizing situations because you are right, the children suffer as much as the women and mothers do. Again, thank you for shining light to this situation.


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