My Saga Continuous Part 3 (thanks for the stars)

you’re raging a war
of which
you can
barely tell
least the day
it begun
your battlefield
is a place called “home”
and your fiercest enemy
is a man named “dad”


The effects of domestic violence on children, result from witnessing domestic violence in a home where one of their parents are abusing the other parent, plays a tremendous role on the well-being and developmental growth of children witnessing the violence.

A child who witness domestic violence at home often believe that they are to blame, and that they live in a constant state of fear and are times more likely to be victims of child abuse.

Close observation and early intervention will play an important role in saving a child from further abuse.  A child witnessing abuse or  ( is being abused) may have dysfunctions or changes in their physical, behavioral, emotional, and social areas of life.

So, if you know one and or if you are one, know that you are not alone.


Posted in support of Perak Women for Women Society
The PWW Centre
15 Market Street
30000 Ipoh
Tel : 05-2469715

As i continue my saga on my campaign against violence, i would like to thank Jules of for weaving stars and sending them in from US to Malaysia.


“Stars mean different things to different people. For travellers, stars tell them where they are, where they are going. For others, they are just little lights in the sky. For scholars, they are the world of the unknown, yet to be discovered and understood. For my businessman, they are gold. But all stars stay silent. And you? No one else in the world will see the stars as you do… For you, and only for you, the stars will always be laughing.”’

—The Little Prince—-


Thank you Jules for making someone happy with your stars. Thank you for being the kind of star we all need today.

For those who want to join please see the link below on how to weave the stars :


56 Replies to “My Saga Continuous Part 3 (thanks for the stars)”

  1. Great work mich. yes, I grew up in a home where there was violence. Yes, I thought I was to bleme. Yes, I suffer from the most horrendous fears now. No one would know it though. As I grow older my fears have come more to the fore. Life can be shit, but you go on. In my case winning through most of the time, with kccasional meltdowns like I had the other day. Keep putting this out mich

    1. Oh Lorraine…it is so brave of you to share your story, thank you so much..and i know that no amount of words could ever make up for all the days and were violated..having to witness it yourself; but our exchange of correspondence lately has made me realize that you are one tough woman…and i admire you for that…..i pray for your healing..

      1. Thankyou mich. many times I don’t feel brave, but know that I am really. I made a success of my lufe despite al, not wanting it to beat me. Bless you mich xx

  2. A very heartfelt piece. Too many kids suffer from nut-case fathers.
    I am 67 now and, in later years, i found out that my diabolical father obtained an insurance policy on me as a baby, such that if i died in youth, he would collect a lot of money.
    What the Republican party is doing — putting little children in concentration camps — is unforgivable.

  3. I hadn’t taken any photos… before I sent them… to see them here…
    just chokes me up… Makes me want to make more to send your way.
    When the Million is reached could you post a photo of the instillation?

    Sometimes abuse comes from just words, shouting and then too from silences.
    The passing of beliefs that are far from truth. Like downplaying ones abilities.
    It takes just as long or longer for mental bruises to heal. I remind many that while forgiveness is a healing process, one does not have to forget, though moving forward is always a good thing.

    1. Your stars are beautiful Jules and we love them…and yes we are currently completing the installation of the one million stars and i will post it here as soon as its complete…
      Thank you so very much for the stars and for your support..

  4. The scars they carry will never be healed. I’ve felt their pain when we did case studies among abused children. I’m glad you’re creating awareness.

  5. Jules’ stars are beautiful…each a unique jewel…just like each child in the world is unique and precious!
    How individual people, cities, states, countries, governments, etc., treat children says so much about those people, governments, etc. And they are missing the mark in huge ways. 😦 So sad. 😦
    Thank you for this powerful, important post, Mich!

  6. As one of those children of seeing domestic violence from both parents,I thank you for bringing awareness to this issue. And those stars are beautifully made by Jules..

    LOVE and Blessings your way Mich. ❤ Hugs

  7. Michnavs, very good point watching abuse is abusive and we can extend this to the TV as it is full of abuse and visuals that children and adults should not be watching or listening to. They all promote abuse and teach acceptance of abuse.

    1. That is so true Nanette…it has become a so called pop culture…and the media has been really treamendously influencing the minds of our young ones..thank you for bringing out that one

  8. I thought (on my phone) I saw an e-mail that you had requested “access” to my WP site. But, now I cannot find that e-mail. ??? 😦
    IF you DID request, could you request again, so I can give you access. ???
    Thank you! WP has been acting a bit weird of late! 😮
    Hope you are doing well!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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