Stars Fled from Your Eyes


Stars Fled from Your Eyes


stars fled from your eyes

and the shadow of death
cast upon your face
on this dark gloomy night
filled with goodbyes
and unending sighs
of a once-promising life

stars fled from your eyes
and you stop dreaming
of what could have been’s
and what if’s
a future you may never see
for it has become so bleak
and gloomy

stars fled from your eyes
and it may never come back
unless you take the courage
to speak up
seek for help
and maybe, just maybe
start anew

stars fled from your eyes, but you’re not done yet


Things that break on earth don’t reach the clouds above us. Burning villages don’t change the schedule of sunsets. And stars remain stars, no matter how much land we destroy.

But when the sky loses all of its lights and unleashes a thunderstorm, everything drowns.

Erin was a vibrant, happy, and joyful woman. To her many boyfriends, all of whom mistreated her verbally and physically, she was patient. To Sufi, she was a great human being and an even better friend.

To herself, Erin was unfair.

She grew up believing she only deserved the kind of love that did nothing but hurt her. And Sufi watched her pick partner after partner that mentally burned her out and repeatedly destroyed her heart.

Still, Erin’s aspirations, inspiration, imagination, wonder, dreams, pursuits, creative brilliance, her magic, remained bright as stars on a cloudless evening, always. Until they didn’t.

Abuse is not at all clear cut. But Sufi remembered with perfect clarity when her best friend lost the sparkle in her eyes.

First, the silence. Even though marrying the love of your life should be a nervous, excited, rambunctious affair.

Then, the realization of her colleagues that Erin was living with a man who was comfortable with sending his wife to work with bruises and a black eye.

And the dark understanding of the weight of Erin having a son, and nowhere to go that felt safe enough to risk her husband following them and breaking them worse than he would if they stayed put.

Sufi suffered watching her, but all everyone that genuinely loved Erin could do was love her until she began loving herself enough to see that she too was deserving of better treatment.

It took years, and all their support, and the kind of bravery you only learn while trying to fight through a thunderstorm, but Erin gained the self-respect she needed to leave the one that was drowning her light.

Coming home should be the safest thing we ever do in this life. Where we lay our heads at night should be where monsters will not reach us. And yet, so many find themselves making homes with monsters instead.



More poems and stories of abuse and violence are available in my book “After – Rain Skies: A Million Stars”

Books are available for sale at

The PWW Centre
15 Market Street
30000 Ipoh
Tel : 05-2469715




  1. wow what a deep and blessed job you have done but oh so tough on the emotions. If this is the standard of your book it will be very well received Mich … well done!

    Now take a break and treat yourself, all my love ❤


  2. Such important words. I was bullied all through school and almost every relationship I have had has been emotionally abusive if not physically so. The worst part is the cruel words are magnified in my own mind. I fight them hundreds of times a day just to see myself as deserving of basic decency.


    1. Words cut deeper than sword they say and i could only imagine how you processed those hurtful words each day in order to see your self worth. I admire you for sharing that here and i wish you complete healing …
      Everything has to end even the most difficult situation that we are in. I know yours will end too.
      Have faith Cie😇😇


  3. I am sitting here crying. This is an amazing, beautiful, poignant, powerful, important…OH SO IMPORTANT…poem and story, Mich!

    I have known, and met, 😦 too many Erins in my lifetime. 😦

    I believe your writing, and your book, will empower women, change lives, and change the world! We must continue to step up, speak out, and help those who cannot speak up for themselves. You are doing this so powerfully! Thank you, Mich!

    Congrats on the book! It will bring the stars back into so many many eyes! 🙂
    ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
    (((HUGS))) 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Carolyn..let me wipe those tears for you….😊
      Writing this book was not easy as i have to process with myself too each and every emotion in every story submitted. There were timea when i thought i cant finish it but i know, there are only very few of us who’s taking the courage and stepping up by providing a voice to these victims and if i am not going to join them, then it will be a far more difficult battle.
      Thank you so much😊

      Liked by 1 person

  4. You’ll have to let us know when this book can be purchased via some on line service. As getting to Malaysia isn’t local.

    Thank you for sharing this excerpt. I have a young neighbor who found strength to get out of a bad relationship. But I have since found out that an elder neighbor has been in an abusive relationship for most of her marriage. The husband is now not in any position to do much more harm as he now has a debilitating illness… And this older woman still cares for him….


    1. I am glad for your neighbor who made it out of an abusive relationship ..however my heart bleeeds for the other one who is now compelled to take care of her abusive husband.

      The book is not yet available online. I will be making the necessary arrangements though. Some have asked me to send them copy via a postal service.
      Thanks Jules for asking.
      We have reached the millionth star last week. And will soon be posting the event here..

      Thank you again..your stars all the way from the US helped us in its completion.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am glad to have added Stars from the States. Congratulations on that lovely millionth star and all those in between from the very first!


  5. Domestic violence is heart breaking. It is true that we can only wait and support them when and if they decide to leave… It is so hard to watch the light of hope die as you stand with a small flame waiting to rekindle their inner light!


  6. So much lingers, even after leaving abusive situations…memory scars burned deep…I’m waiting for them to turn to stars.


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