After – Rain Skies: A Million Stars [Update]

Here is another excerpt from my book “After – Rain Skies: A Million Stars’


In Memory


In memory of the woman

Who screams silently

The secrets of her soul

May she rest in peace

With her lost words

And intimate beauty


Kayla would have been just a manufactured memory to her family, friends, and children, had she not taken the courage to walk away from her abusive husband.

Kayla’s husband portrayed her as the best thing on the planet to ever happen to him, that he loved and adored her, and they had the perfect family. And she was outspoken as a child, so people believed that if something was wrong, she would definitely speak up.

They were married for five years, and though he was very controlling from the moment they met, the abuse really started after she had their first baby, and her husband never left her alone with anyone, so she couldn’t speak about what was being done to her.

Kayla had no idea that it is possible to get help and even leave her abusive husband. She was a young bride when they got married. She was never allowed to find a job herself so that her husband provided everything for her.

She had no idea police would get involved and care, or that anybody else would care. That had been one of the main reasons she did not attempt leaving him. If she had known that she had the option, she would have left a long time ago.

She found out she could leave only after he tried to kill her.

Her mother, brother, and uncle went to the hospital and spoke with a hospital social worker, who told them the story her then husband was telling them about how she was burned. He told hospital staff that Kayla’s scarf had caught on fire while she was warming herself, as she is a Muslim.

But her family thought something wasn’t right.

What he actually did was pour turpentine on her and set her on fire.

It was that same fire that ignited the flame inside Kayla to leave her abusive husband for good. It wasn’t easy though, as her husband had long been prepared for the day she would finally have the courage to fight back. He had prepared his own supposed truthful and almost believable version of the story to cover up the abuse. But it didn’t stop her from getting help and finally seeking for a restraining order.



I want to say “A MILLION THANK YOU” to all those who purchased the book and helped in our advocacy.

Special thanks to Mal Das  and to Mei Kuan of Ipoh Echo 


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More poems and stories of abuse and violence are available in my book “After – Rain Skies: A Million Stars”

Books are available for sale at

The PWW Centre
15 Market Street
30000 Ipoh
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      1. I am fine thankyou. The poem just reminded me of a lot, and of how powerless and helpless you can be when you go blind and sick, and the way is wide open for those who want to abuse. My mom jyst died too, so lots going on. But the poems you have posted are absolutely brilliant. We go on, don’t we, and hopefully the stars won’t fall from our eyes 😊

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      2. I am so sorry to hear that Lorraine..i admire your spirit and resilience though..and yes, we move on and we won’t let the stars fall from our eyes, ever…with love, kindness and compassion we can all turn all the bad into good and move forward.


      1. no it’s always been there I just think that people are finally acknowledging it … but the murders here are way out of control!
        Women have a right to be very afraid 😦


  1. oh wow! Congrats and so amazing to see you in a local paper here! I am floored by your achievements, truly you have used your god given talents to not just raise awareness but bring hope to these women. You are not just beautiful inside and out, you are an inspiration to all! again so so proud of you!

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  2. I am crying tears of sorrow for women like Kayla…and too many other females who have suffered abuse, or are still suffering abuse. 😦
    I am crying tears of joy for women like Kayla who have gotten help! Their courage and example are shining light to all of us! 🙂
    Oh, Michelle, I am so so SO proud of you! You are making a HUGE positive difference in the world! Thank you for all you have done, and continue to do, to make people aware and to help them to stand up, speak out, and help others!
    I loved reading that wonderful newspaper article! Your quote about the title of your book made me smile!!! 🙂
    You are a star AND you and your smile light up the world!
    ⭐️ 🙂 ⭐️ 🙂 ⭐️ 🙂 ⭐️ 🙂 ⭐️

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    1. I am so happy so appreciate my work Carolyn. Its not easy to provide direct assistance to the victims as this requires skillful individuals who are trained to help and assist abused women; but we can always create awareness and provide voice to all those who have been silenced by fear and humiliation.
      Thank you too for your support always..

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    1. Kayla was able to find help and leave her abusive husband and is now back in school to finish a degree. It wasn’t easy though but with the help of her family she is by now surely going to have her happy ending..


  3. A sad but beautifully written poem, and I’m so glad that Kayla finally got out of that horrible situation. There is hope and a life beyond abuse when people care enough to make a difference. Thanks for being one of those people.

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  4. To me it is amazing how smart women can be controlled. They forget that they have choices. In most public restrooms there are posters in several languages to tell women who are abused that they have a safe place to contact. It is good to have family that supports the truth. That isn’t always the case.

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    1. That’s true Jules…it is a good thing that we have a good family support but sadly for others they don’t have….and though, all awareness and campaign efforts have been made already about abuse and violence yet many stays in an abusive relationship still. In my journey of writing the book i realized that there are so many factors why women stay in an abusive relationship and we cannot really undermine those factors…

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  5. Another poignant excerpt from your book dear Mich and a reminder of our many blessings to those in loving relationships how fortunate we are to be blessed when we look at the misfortune of others..

    Have a blessed Christmas dear Mich, stay strong, and continued well wishes with the sales of this very important book in bringing awareness to the world.

    Love and Hugs.
    Sue ❤

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  6. You are beautiful. This post made me teared. You took your words and shine a light on the tragic lives of many. You’ve come a long way and I’m so proud of you!


    1. Oh thank you are right ..and i know you would really be proud of me as i remembered you were the first to feature me in your blog when i was just starting many years ago….

      Happy holidays and sending my love to your little Diva..😚😚😚

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  7. Congrats for your book,Mich! The subject is appealing and sad at the same time. I personally know a great deal about abuse, physical, mental,verbal and emotional.
    I wish you and your book plenty of success.


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