Between heaven and earth
a story is unearth
Between past and present
a sailing is sent
Between here and there
a distance is clear
Between a moment and forever
a struggle so clear

Sometimes heaven and earth met
when a story is broken and lit
Sometimes past and present collide
when the sailing subside
Sometimes here and there is near
when the view is clearer
Sometimes a moment and forever is eternity
when the struggles become infinity

So move heaven and earth boldly
for your story to be told oddly
So hold the past and present sincerely
for your sailing to be done completely
So break the here and there completely
for your distance to be moved effortlessly
So create a moment and forever lovingly
for your struggles to be over definitely

The photos are the spectacular view of Uluwatu Temple, in Bali.

It has a remarkable high setting at the edge of a cliff and overlooking the waves of the Indian Ocean.

It gives you a great sense of spiritual renewal regardless of your religious affinity. The sound of the splashing waves makes you in closer contact with the unknown.

It is without a doubt a manifestation of the wonders of nature.

One attraction not to miss in Uluwatu Temple is the traditional Balinese dance call Kecak dance which is scheduled after the sunset.

These performances are obviously for tourist benefit only and are not spiritually significant to the temple.

It is worthy to note that there’s no public transportation to get to Uluwatu Temple and going back into town will be difficult without any prearranged ride or taxi. A guide is not necessary but can be helpful.


It is a beautiful place to find a quiet spot and write poetry


  1. wow what a piece, like molten lava filing the cracks of a frozen heart! love the passion in the words Mich, standing at the edge of the world, between evil and good, this must have truly inspired you. I see you are making the most of your vacation. this is one of your best poems yet my dear – truly outstanding-love the photos so much too. Miss you sweetheart!


  2. May this Christmas end the present year on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright New Year. Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Mich!


      1. I haven’t been there! Looks beautiful. I’m not an enthusiastic traveler; I’m kind of a wimp. I travel within the US, but man, Bali sure looks amazing!!


  3. Your photos remind me of Maui… The best tourist island of Hawai’i – though there are resort areas that one can’t freely enter. When I was there I had walked up to a unique peak that was off the beaten path – we had a little guide book that told us how to get there. It was said to be a sacred space once – everything was bleached white by the sun. I could only imagine what might have happened there…


  4. Hi Mich! I’m finally caught up on your posts. I am so glad I read this one last. I loved it! The recurring theme/words really honed in the imagery. Bali sounds like a magical place!


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